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Ithara Group, a German company is your specialist if you are looking for extremely high quality playground equipment and rubber flooring in the UAE.

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Ithara Group & KOMPAN Denmark Team Up To Collaborate

We can design, build and customize any unique #playground and #playarea using Kompan Design Studio. We have amazing designs, in various sizes and cater to a number of play activities that can tailor to your needs.
This large #whale #playstructure offers challenging physical play for big and small children from the age of four. The 3-dimensional climbing net inside the mouth is filled with membranes, making it a fine meeting point for social interaction. The reward for climbing the net is the thrilling experience of sliding down the wide slide with a friend. The outside of The Whale is filled with climbing grips, creating an endless amount of bouldering routes that help build the child’s cross-coordination and muscle strength.
Do you have an outdoor space that’s ideal for an iconic landscape #playground or #playstructure ?
This is a perfect way to attract families, children and people to your location. Bring kids to life, sustainable living, Heath and wellbeing at the forefront of communities and society.